ISO 9001:2015 Company

By adopting Lean, 5’S, Cell Concept practices. Bestomech has ushered in to the era of objective changes in superior modes of production, Quality & on time delivery.
We are specialized in all kind of precession machined & transmission machined casting parts in the weight range of 0.5 Kg – 50 Kg. Annually we are producing about 1500 metric tons of Machined parts for various industries. Extensively we are producing 1500 components per year. Year on year we are increasing our capacity to manage customers demand & Spikes.

Product Specification :
PolyVPully PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM
Taper Lock V Pulley SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC
Weight Range 500 grams to 50 KGs
Size Range Dia. 50mm to 500mm with dynamic balancing
Material Grey Iron: GG20, GG25, GG30, GG401 Ductile Iron: SAE 65-45-12,400-15,450-10,500-7
Surface Treatment Powder Coating, E-Coating and Painting
End User Compressor, Textile Machineries, Agricultural equipments, Off-road vehicles, Elevators, Automobile Garage equipments
Poly V Pulleys  V Pulleys Taper Bush Pulleys  Flat Pulleys Poly V Pulley Pulley With Shaft Assembly Taper Bush Pulleys